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Saturday, January 28, 2023
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eDockets - Search documents filed in utilities cases.


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eDockets Search
Note: The eDockets/eFiling System may include documents that are not part of the official record for purposes of Minn. Stat. 14.66 and Minn. R. Civ. App. 110.01 and 115.04, such as Commission minutes, notices and agendas.
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Basic Search
From here you can search the documents filed in utility cases that are stored in the eDockets Search System. You may search using a combination of the following criteria:
Docket Number:
Year Number
 -    Docket Lookup  Examples: 05-101, 04-820.05
Document Type: Docket Type:
Submission Number: Document ID:
On Behalf Of:
Received Date:    Format: mm/dd/yyyy
Received Date Range: From Date:       To Date:     Format: mm/dd/yyyy
Advanced Keyword Search
Enter Keywords to search the document repository.
Keywords:   Examples:
Full text search help "*" Search: e.g Wo*d Will provide a list of documents containing wood, world or would.
  "?" Search: e.g ?an This search will list documents containing ran or can. But, not span!
"AND"Search: e.g Jack AND Jill Will provide a list of documents containing both "Jack" and "Jill".
   "OR"Search: e.g Jack OR Jill Will provide a list of documents containing either "Jack" or "Jill".
Result Options

The default sort option for your search results is the Received Date of the document. You may change the sort option here. However, if your search returns more than one page of results, please be aware that each time a new page of results is loaded, the sort order of the results will switch between ascending (A to Z or 0 to 9) and descending (Z to A or 9 to 0). Therefore, to read your results in the correct order across multiple pages, you'll read the first page of results top to bottom, the second page bottom to top, the third page top to bottom, the fourth page bottom to top, etc.

You can also click on the column headings of your search results to initiate sorting. However, please note that, with the exception of Received Date, clicking the column headings will only sort the results on your current page. If your search results are spread across two or more pages, the results on the other page(s) will not be affected when you click the column headings, unless it's Received Date. Searches initiated using the Sort By feature will have their results sorted across all pages, but those search results will be subject to the issues regarding sort order outlined in the preceding paragraph.

Sort By:
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