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Monday, May 25, 2020
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Docket#:   ET6675,E002/TL-17-185; ET6675,E002/CN-17-184;
Submission#:   201812-148307
Document Type:   Report
Document Notes:   1) Draft EIS - Abstract, Table of Contents, Acronyms, Summary
2) Draft EIS - Chapter 1 Introduction
3) Draft EIS - Chapter 2 Regulatory Framework
4) Draft EIS - Chapter 3 Overview of Project
5) Draft EIS - Chapter 4 Alternatives to the Project
6) Draft EIS - Chapter 5 Affected Environment, Part 1 of 2
7) Draft EIS - Chapter 5 Affected Environment, Part 2 of 2
8) Draft EIS - Chapter 6 Route Alternatives
9) Draft EIS - Chapter 7 Route Segments and Alignment Alternatives
10) Draft EIS - Chapter 8 Cumulative Potential Effects
On Behalf Of:   DOC EERA
Filed Date/Time :   12/07/2018
Filed Status:   Accepted
Trade-secret documents can not be viewed from this page.
00_Cover, TOC, Acronyms, Summary.pdf
05_Chapter_1 Introduction.pdf
06_Chapter_2 Regulatory Framework.pdf
07_Chapter_3 Proposed Project.pdf
08_Chapter_4 Certificate of Need Alternatives.pdf
09_Chapter_5_Resources and Impacts, Part_1.pdf
09_Chapter_5_Resources and Impacts, Part_2.pdf
11_Chapter_6 Impacts of Route Alternatives.pdf
12_Chapter_7 Impacts of Route Segments and Alignment Alternatives.pdf
13_Chapter_8 Cumulative Potential Effects.pdf
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