Minnesota Department of Commerce
Telephone Service Providers

The companies listed below are authorized by the Minnesota Public Utilities
Commission to provide long distance service within the State of Minnesota.

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Company Name Customer Service #
1. WIN, LLC (877)946-6300
2. West Central Telephone Association (800)945-2163
3. West Central Transport Group, LLC (800)944-9885
4. Wholesale Carrier Services, Inc. (888)280-4927
5. Wide Voice, LLC (844)844-8444
6. Wikstrom Telephone Company
7. WilTel Communications, LLC (800)244-1111
8. Windstream Communications, LLC (888)925-5835
9. Windstream Direct, LLC (505)577-6904
10. Windstream EN-TEL, LLC (505)577-6904
11. Windstream KDL, LLC (619)822-0480
12. Windstream Lakedale Link, Inc. (619)546-4963
13. Windstream NTI, LLC (877)700-4535
14. Windstream Norlight, LLC (800)747-8332
15. Winnebago Coop. Telecom Assoc. (800)592-6105
16. Woodstock Telephone Company
17. Working Assets Funding Service, Inc. (800)788-0898
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